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This article is for informational use only. It’s intent being the explaining of what products are available when living with Edema, Vascular Disease or other conditions where someone could benefit from wearing Compression Garments.

The best example is when someone is flying on an airplane, the high altitude can cause swelling in the body, usually in the legs and feet. In most people with a normal circulatory system, it’s typically not a problem because on the descent the swelling subsides back to normal. However, some people can have an adverse reaction which can lead to prolonged pain or other discomfort and possibly a more serious condition can develop.

There are many products on the market to choose from. The most common product the Knee and thigh length socks. There are TED Hose AKA “Anti-Embolism Stockings in Knee and Thigh Length and also compression Pantyhose in regular and Maternity styles.

Compression is measured on a scale of “MmHg” which stands for “Millimeters of Mercury” and it indicates the level of pressure or compression. Different brands may vary slightly but they have the same basic grade level.

5 – 10 “MmHg”, being very Light compression, some say you would get the same results using regular socks that are one size too small so not very impressive. 15-20 “MmHg”, is the most commonly used product is considered a moderate compression and 20-30 “MmHg” is considered actual “Therapeutic Compression”. There is a 30-40 “MmHg” compression and even higher yet. These levels are for very severe cases and not as common.

As with most medical-related items, you should consult your physician before wearing any compression garment especially the higher compression levels.

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