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There are many reasons why someone would need to use a Home Style Hospital Bed. The most common need is post-surgical or post-hospitalization with many different conditions whereby a person would benefit from the use of a Home Hospital Bed.

The purpose of the article is to explain the differences between the styles of Hospital Beds but not the reasons why someone would need to use one, (that’s between you and your doctor or your medical consultant).

We at Wishing U Well Medical Inc. carry all three styles of “Home Hospital Beds”.

  1. Semi-Electric
    Hospital Beds
  2. Full-Electric
    Hospital Beds
  3. Full-Electric
    Hi-Lo Hospital Beds

All three styles are electrical and work with a remote control. The head sections and leg sections all go up and down the same way. The main difference is the height of the bed frame.


Semi-Electric Hospital Bed

In the Semi-Electric Hospital Bed, the bed height is adjusted by using a hand crank to raise and lower the entire bed. This is the most commonly used bed, and the only style that insurance companies (including Medicare) would allow any payment of, if medically necessary.


Full-Electric Hospital Bed

The Full-Electric Hospital Bed the height is adjusted by using the remote control for ease in raising and lowering the entire bed.

This bed is more convenient for the caretaker to clean, bathe or tend to wounds on the patient without straining. The caretaker can then easily lower the bed back to the normal height. This added feature is not considered medically necessary for the patient. Therefore, it is not considered a justification for the insurance companies to cover the added cost.


Full-Electric Hi-Lo Hospital Bed

The Full-Electric Hi-Lo Hospital Bed has the height adjusted the same way as the Full Electric Hospital Bed by using the remote control. However, this be can lowered to as low as 10” inches from the floor. This bed is usually used for a patient who is at great risk of falls. With the bed being so low to the floor, should the patient try to get out of the bed unassisted, this could assist in avoiding a serious injury. For added safety, there are also “Fall Mattresses” available which would be placed next to the bed for an even safer landing.

We hope this explains the differences between the different types of Home Hospital Beds available for sale or rent through Wishing U Well Medical. We provide “Free Local delivery & setup (within 5-mile radius).

All our beds come with Deluxe Foam Mattresses as well as your choice of Full, Half or no side Rails.

The Full rails would be used for someone who should wait for assistance in getting out of bed where half style rails are more of a precautionary usage. The rails can be changed out should a person’s condition/ability change in either direction.

Should you like to set up delivery of one of our beds or if you have any further questions, please give us a call at 818-877-4613.