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Choosing the Best Incontinence Supplies for Your Needs

This article is for informational use only with the intent of explaining what products are available when living with incontinence.

When someone is faced with being incontinent their health is of primary concern however, their dignity is just as important. Quality products offer solutions to both concerns by keeping the body cleaner and dryer but also preventing embarrassing situations and preserving the person’s dignity.

There are many products to choose from making it difficult to know which product(s) to choose for your particular situation.

Starting with Bed pads, also known as chux (maybe because they are chucked in the garbage after use), these are usually used as a precaution for someone who may have had frequent accidents in bed. Bed pads are used to protect the bedding as well as the mattress itself. There are disposable and reusable bed pads available in many different sizes and styles. The reusable material is also available in colors and patterns with the intention of being used on regular furniture in case of an untimely accident.

Underwear Pads are used for someone who is still active but has light to moderate urinary incontinence. These pads come in different sizes and absorbency for different incontinent levels. Some men may have issues after having a procedure on their prostate which causes a loss of control. There are some brands that come in gender-specific styles making the feel more comfortable and natural which results in a more compliant person.

Pull-up Protective Underwear offers a higher level of protection for the active person who may need a bit more protection than one can get with only using Underwear Pads. These are also available in gender-specific styles for a more comfortable fit. There is also a much higher absorption unisex style available in Pull-ups. These Protective Pull-ups are also used when the person is able to properly use them. Meaning, they can still use the bathroom on their own but are afraid of accidents on the way.

Briefs or Diapers are used for someone who is beyond the Pull-ups stage. Mostly due to the person being confined to a bed or a wheelchair and is therefore unable to use the restroom on their own.

Anti-Microbial Creams and Washes are used to clean and protect the skin and prevent skin breakdown. These go hand in hand with using higher quality products that are 100% Cotton based & breathable, keeping the skin dryer. Wetness along with body heat is a recipe for skin breakdown which can lead to serious infections.

I hope this article gives you some insight into the different products available in dealing with incontinence.

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