Knee Walkers and Knee Scooters

Knee Walkers, also known as Knee Scooters, are a relatively new invention in the category of Medical Equipment. Knee Walkers are designed for people who’ve either had a foot/ankle break/sprain/strain or surgery which requires the patient to avoid putting any weight on the affected limb.

Knee Walkers help when the patient has a difficult time or has discomfort when using standard crutches. Knee Walkers are a much more comfortable device to use and have recently been growing in popularity. As long as you have decent balance and coordination, it’s easy to use during the healing process.

Knee Walkers come in a variety of styles, quality and of course prices. They’re sold or rented in doctor’s offices, medical equipment stores and of course they’re available online (usually only by the week).

Everyone heals differently but broken bones and surgeries normally take 6 to 8 weeks to heal before the patient can progress to a Walking Boot. Many times there is a need to keep the Knee Walker for a few more weeks for a little crutch (yes, a little pun intended). At Wishing U Well Medical Inc., we give the third month free so the patient doesn’t feel rushed to return this equipment.

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